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Direct coil had exceptional customer response at the 2018 AHR Expo held in January 2018 at Chicago.

Kingston Company to Undergo $2.7m Expansion

A nearly $2.7-million investment in a heating and cooling equipment manufacturing company could create 20 new jobs and help keep 73 other jobs. Direct Coil Inc. on Taylor-Kidd Boulevard is investing more that $2.4 million to expand its manufacturing line.

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Trillion Network- Direct Coil

Direct Coil is a prime example of a business that not only survived a transformation, but thrived as a result. Started in 2007, Direct Coil operates in the heat transfer and refrigeration market, producing commercial and industrial engineered heating and cooling coils that are used in a wide array of applications (furnaces, fridges, and practically anything involving air movement). Originally, Direct Coil was limited in its capabilities—it catered only to applications requiring smaller coils (an extremely competitive market)—and suffered in its early years as a result. With the future looking bleak, Direct Coil’s saving grace came in the form of Pat Occhicone.

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Business is Heating Up for L&A County Manufacturer

Pat Occhicone has an eye for a good business proposition. And he also knows a good place to do business when he sees it.

So when he purchased Kingston-based Direct Coil on November of 2010 and went looking for a facility with room to grow, he only had to turn his gaze immediately to the west and Lennox and Addington County.

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Enormous Acquisition

1 month ago, posted in: The Kingston Whig Standard by Michael Lea

A huge industrial building that has sat cold and empty for years will be the new home of a company that makes heating coils. 

Direct Coil Inc., which currently works out of a small facility in the east end of the city, near StarTek, also makes coils for the refrigeration industry. It will be moving into the former Bombardier manufacturing plant on Taylor-Kidd Boulevard in Loyalist Township, it was announced yesterday morning.

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Coil Manufacturer Purcjases Bombardier Plant

About 1 month ago, posted in: The Kingston Whig Standard

Loyalist Township is pleased to announce that Direct Coil Inc., a Canadian company, is expanding their operations to Loyalist Township and Lennox and Addington County.

Direct Coil Inc engineers and builds thermal efficient heating and cooling coils to meet a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial needs for heating, cooling, refrigerants, heat recovery, HVAC, steam, evaporator and condenser applications. With the move to Loyalist, Direct Coil will be expanding from components to services and transition to the design, manufacture, and installation of large systems.

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Direct Coil to Expand Operations to Loyalist Township

On March 17, 2011, posted in: Kingston EMC by Hollie Pratt-Campell

EMC News - Things sure are looking up for the manufacturing sector in Loyalist Township.

It was announced last Monday that the Kingston-based company Direct Coil has purchased the old Bombardier building, located on Taylor Kidd Boulevard, which had lain abandoned for nearly a decade. 

The company engineers and builds thermal efficient heating and cooling coils for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial clients. 

Direct Coil will begin operations at the new facility later in 2011, and intends to double its number of employees to approximately 35 by the end of the first year, and grow to 50 in 2012. 

Toronto businessman Pat Occhicone purchased Direct Coil in November.



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